Saturday, January 1, 2011

Chapter 3: Enter Destro

Castle McCullen; Callander, Scotland...

In one of the extravagant guest chambers, two enigmatic twins converse...

Tomax: My God, I'm--

Xamot: --devilishly handsome?  Yes, I know.  But what about me?  Do you think--

Tomax: --this McCullen fellow will make fun of your scar?  Probably.

Xamot:  Merde!

Seconds later...

James McCullen XXIV: Gentlemen, thank you for...whoa!  What the fook is on your face, lad?

Tomax: Mr. McCullen, I presume?

James McCullen XXIV: Aye, laddie.  I assume you've got the warheads so we can proceed?

Tomax: Oui, monsieur.  The detonators are in this case.

James McCullen XXIV: Excellent, gentlemen.  Well, I'll take these and be on my way to commence Phase Two of the plan.

Xamot: It's just a scar.  Lots of people have them.

James McCullen XXIV: Yeh, well it's bloody hideous, that.

Tomax: I can tell that--

Xamot: --my feelings are hurt?  Duh, Tomax.  Duh.

Tomax: You're a baby.  No wonder mom put us up for adoption.

Xamot:  You're such a douche, Tomax.